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Holly Lantz

Ms. Lantz received her Master of Science degree in Audiology from West Virginia University. She is our Director of Audiology.

Her previous experience includes a range of settings. Such as medical offices, private practice and industrial testing.

Ms. Lantz is a clinician adept at audiological evaluations, emmittance measures, OAEs, ABRs, ENGs, and hearing aid evaluations ranging from analog to digital hearing aids.

She is also exceptional in the counseling and rehabilitation of clients.

John Tobin

Mr. Tobin has been an established resident of Nevada since 1955 and began dispensing hearing aids in 1966. He successfully lobbied for licensing of hearing aid dispensers by a State Board in the early 1970ís and assisted in the development of licensing criteria and board organization. Mr. Tobin was appointed by several Nevada governors to serve as a Board member for 15 years. Mr. Tobin is still supervising and training audiologists and hearing aid specialists. With his long involvement in hearing aid specialization, he is current on all advances in the hearing instrument field, and feels that the importance of matching the appropriate instrument to each client is not only a science, but an art.

E. C. Tobin

Mrs. Tobin is a Certified Hearing Aid Specialist especially adept in the fitting and adjustment of hearing instruments. She is also exceptional in the counseling and rehabilitation of clients.

John Tobin II

Mr. Tobin is qualified in Occupational Hearing Testing for industrial purposes as well as managing the office and overseeing any hearing instrument repairs and adjustments.



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